Lonvel M2 CMS


This is the definitive website you are looking for you M2 server. It has everything you need, it’s well written, highly customizable, secure and performant.

The whole website (except for the admin panel) is a SPA (Single Page Application). This means that when you click on a link or visit a new page the page will me immediately loaded without the “loading effect” in your browser.

Home page 

  • Last news that can be written from the admin panel.
  • Server status, online players, accounts created, etc…
  • These statistics can be customized from the admin panel. For example you can choose to hide some of them or to fake the number of online players multipling this data by a number chosen by you (see the screenshot for more info).
  • Discord widget.
  • Server status shows for each channel its status (online, offline). Server channels can be set from the admin panel.

Menu & Pages 

  • You can add custom links in the header and footer menu.
  • You can create custom pages.
  • You can limit pages to be accessible only to logged in users.
  • A basic WYSIWYG editor is included in the admin panel.


  • Registration page with email confirmation.
  • The same email cannot used more than one time.
  • You can configure start bonuses (the bonuses that appear in top left of the screen) and set their duration in days (from 0 to 1000).
  • You can enable/disable registrations.
  • Email confirmation is not mandatory and can be disabled.
  • For security reasons, social id (character delete code) is automatically generated. The user will be able to see it after logging in the player control panel.
  • You can define in the admin panel a whitelist of accepted emails. (NEW)


  • Login page with captcha.
  • Forgot password page.

Download page 

  • You can set download links from the admin panel.

Player Control Panel 

  • Account status (active, banned).
  • Reset safebox password button: the user will be emailed a new safebox password.
  • List of player characters.
  • Registration date.
  • Email address (partially obfuscated).
  • Character delete code: the user will be emailed a new deletion code every time for security.
  • Users can change their password. To do that, they will emailed a link (for security reasons) that allows them to change password.

Vote for coins 

  • Allows user to vote every 24h and get an item as a prize.
  • There is a check on the IP adderss so each IP address can vote only one time in 24h. Multi accounts are not allowed.

Item Shop 

  • Item info is read directly from item_proto of your server.
  • You can upload item icons from the admin panel (must be in .PNG format).
  • The website needs the file “item_list.txt” from the Client (example path: pack/locale/de/item_list.txt). It’s needed to match item value to its icon. If the icon of an item it’s not displayed correctly in the item shop fo the website, please double check this file.
  • Supported payment gateways are: PayPal, e-Payouts, UnitPay, Stripe, Cryptovouchers. All these payment methods (except Cryptovouchers) are fully automatic, the user pays on your website and receives the coins instanly. Cryptovouchers need you to redeem the voucher first on their website and then confirm on the admin panel that the voucher was correct so the user can receive its coins. You will be notified via email when an user inserts a new Cryptovouchers code.
  • You can enable or disable coupons code. Coupons can be generated directly from the admin panel. You can generate multiple coupons at once with the same coins value (see screenshots). You can specify the max number of usages for each coupon code.
  • You can enable the “Other payments methods” options which will display a page in the item shop when you can write information about other payments methods which are not managed directly from the website (for example if you want to get money through a bank transfer, you can write instructions in that page).
  • You can allow users to buy items with bonuses. Bonuses are taken from item_attr table. Only the best variant of each bonus is considered. Users can add on a specific item only legal bonuses (for example for a Sword item you can add only bonuses that can be applied to this item). You can set a price for bonuses. All the bonuses will have the same price.
  • If the option above is enabled, you need to specify two other combinations of bonuses: min/max average damage and min/max skill damage. You can set a different price in coins for these bonuses.
  • You can enable the Happy Hour in the settings of the item shop, which will give a percentage of more coins to the users who donate. Happy Hour is an automatic event, so you must set starting and ending date.
  • You can see the earnings in a graph day by day, the biggest donation your received and the average donation price.
  • You can give money to a player or to all players meeting certain criteris (look at the screenshot – for example account creation date, player level, playtime, guild ladder points, etc…).
  • You can create different coin packs for the different payment gateways. For example PayPal can have its own prices for coins and Stripe have different prices.
  • You can assign bonus coins to coin packs.
  • You can group items in categories.
  • You can add items simply typing the vnum (value) of the item. For each item you can set, if you want, a discount percentage and the date when the discount ends. You can also add a custom description and the field value0 (which is typically used for duration or other properties of an item).


  • Players and guilds ranking.
  • You can see more info about a player clicking on his name, for example karma, playtime, etc…
  • You can see more details about a guild clicking on its name, for example its members, the fought guild wars, the average level of players and the number of members.
  • You can limit the number of guilds/players to be shown in the ranking. You can also decide how many players/guilds should be shown in each page.

Change name log 

  • Change name log page allows players to see the history of name changes.

Admin Panel 

  • You can ban a player finding him by his name. You can also search all the other players/account that are using the same IP address. For each player that you ban you can see how much money they have donated only if you used automatic payment methods or if you gave money through the admin panel. If you gave money directly from the database (Navicat) the data won’t be updated.
  • You can unban players.
  • You can permanently or temporarily (duration is expressed in days) ban players.
  • Referrers page allows you to see from which website players reached the website of your server.
  • From logs pages you can see the content of the “log” table from the database and filter data by player name, action (how), vnum and date range.
  • You can choose a server admin between the game masters list (the used table is gm_host) who will receive notification email from the website.
  • Maximum level is configurable.
  • You can set social networks links for Twitch, Facebook. Instagram, Vimeo, VK, Youtube, Twitter and Discord directly from the admin panel without changing any template. If you want, you can add any social network editing the HTML code of the template (or editing the source code if you have it).
  • You can enable or disable languages (please note that only English translation has been manually written. The other translations have been generated automatically by Azure Translator and might be incorrenct. If you want, you are free to fix them).

Referral System (NEW!

  • It allows promoters to refer users to your server. You can define a whitelist of promoters or allow all your users to refer other players.
  • Each player is gien an unique invite link. Clicks to this link are counted. Also number of registration through the link is counted.
  • You can define a min. level and playtime minutes that the invited player must meet in order to be counted as a valid referral.
  • In the admin panel you can see the referral ranking with details of referred account by each user.

Other features 

  • Good quality code.
  • Written in PHP with the use of the web framework Laravel which ensures security and good perfomance and provides a variety of tools to enhance the development of the webiste.
  • Caching of players and guilds ranking.
  • Caching of templates.
  • Templates use Blade template engine.
  • I monthly update the website with new features or bug fixes. Code is constanly updated and optimized to ensure a good quality of the source code and good performance.
  • I take care of my product updating all its dependencies to be sure that I am using the latest version of each library.